Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Long January

Mary [George] in Lincoln Inn, Greek girl in coffee shop, July 1950 from Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Rowe Street, Sydney / photographed by Brian Bird
(from the best flickr photostream ever)

Well now that my least favorite month of the year is wrapping up I thought I would do something new this by documenting all the things that have happened at the end of each month.  Sometimes it scares me when I think about the past year and I know a bunch of stuff happened however there is so much of it I have a hard time remembering. This way I will be able to look back and and remember all of those little things.

So in January of 2011 the following took place

1.  The biggest change in awhile happened when my husband quit his day job as a cartographer (map maker) and went to work for our friend's buisness, Secret Compass.  I never saw my husband working for a big company his whole career and eventually figured he would be working out of the house doing something he absolutley loved. Well, I think he found it. With this new job he he is basically scowering the internet for really cool high end movie/nerdy collectables.   This new job has some really cool travel involved and high earning potentail which is a relief since we are wanting to save for a house.  Most of all I am excited to see Bradley doing something that he really enjoys. 

2. Spent a lot of time online looking for the perfect house to pop up.  I am still looking.  The dream house would consist of a 2 story, nicely cared for and a little updated, on some acreage preferably on the north out skirts of town and doesn't cost in arm and a leg.  I figure if I just keep looking it will show up.

3.The urge to have a baby intensified only to be subsided by a intensely realistic dream that I was pregnant and coming to the realization that all babies will turn into a weirdo 13 year old.  However if you ask me today a sleeping and pooping monster sounds great. 

4. Struggling with being horribly introverted.  I have been crawling into bed around 8 or 8:30.  And my issues with depression flare up this time ever year.  Strangely,  I expect it but somehow it never gets any easier.

5. Visited Bradley's grandparents at the nursing home.  Had the strangest experience there yet.  The entire 2 hours we visited there was a woman in the next room moaning "mama" rather loudly.  Bradley was also accosted by a frail woman in a wheelchair asking him to help her escape.  It reminded me of the opeing scene of Shutter Island. It is a really good nursing home facility despite our experience on this day.

6. Made a trip to Lyons Pinball in Lyons, Colorado and relived a little piece of my childhood.

7. Started my 3 months of not buying any clothing unless it is absolutely necessary.  I must say it has been an eye opening experience.

Looking forward to in February: My 28th birthday and winter slowly making it's exit

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