Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Mom with Me

When I posted the last pregnancy picture of myself on Facebook people started freaking out.  I got numerous calls and emails from people asking if I was okay.  People were having a hard time with how big I am. In my online absence I must have grown out of the "cute bump" stage and progressed into the "obscenely pregnant" stage. My mom, who lives 3 houses down from me, keeps reminding me that I am carrying exactly like I did so I made a point of digging out the picture (and posting it on Facebook) of her when she was 9 months pregnant with me.  It is uncanny to me how similar we are carrying.  You just have to keep in mind that my mom is 6 inches shorter than me at 4'10". It is a miracle I got to 5'4" since I am the tallest person on my mom's side of the family. No joke. 
I keep going back to this picture and really enjoying how happy and excited she looks. You can just see it in her face. When I asked her about it she said she was just excited to have me out of her but I know there is more to it than that. It has been really fun to watch her get excited about having a granddaughter.  I think she is just as excited this time as she was with me (maybe more).   It makes me excited for little lady to make her debut and it really makes me excited for the relationship she is going to have with her grandma.

My mom 9 months pregnant in February 1983
 Flat feet at birth.  It was meant to be.

Me at 6 weeks old with my Ronald McDonald love child red hair. 
Little lady might start life as a red head.

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