Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chill Out Heart

Well...I am home and have been for a while.

Working for 5 weeks on my feet for 9+ hours a day I developed a heart conditional call Tachycardia. Basically at night when I was laying down in bed my heart would start pounding really hard and I would get short of breath. There was a few times where my chest was hurting along with it and I thought I was going to pass out. The doctor said enough was enough. I either had to stop working or go on medication. So I stopped working. It has been interesting. You would think coming from someone who has the summers off I would be perfectly used to it but I honestly cried when he told me I had to stop working. I miss my kids. I had a really good group of advanced art students and photography students and I was building in a new website component to my photography curriculum that I was really excited about. Oh well. Such is life. It really was for the best. I am really so incredibly exhausted anymore. I struggle just to make it up the stairs to sew or get on my computer to work on graduate school. Hence the total abandonment of updates...sorry. I can do about 1 to 2 projects in the morning and then I am wiped out. If I do anymore my heart starts freaking out at night. This past week the little lady dropped so just even getting around has become challenging. My hips and crotch literally feel like they could crack in half at any point. The doctor has also had me coming off some of my medication just to be sure that little lady doesn't have any withdrawal symptoms. It has honestly just added a new level of exhaustion and emotional spaz outs to the mix. Everyone said the last few weeks of pregnancy was the hardest. I see why now. Everything is ready and set up. Now we are just playing the waiting game.

Here is your awesome documentation of how gigantor I have become. The doctor is predicting an 8
to 8.5 lbs baby. It would make sense since I was a 9 lbs baby and Bradley was an 8.5lbs baby.  I am assuming that we just make big babies!


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