Saturday, May 26, 2012

Team Pink or Blue?

As this pregnancy is trucking along the same questions keep popping up from people. When are you due? How are you feeling? What are you craving? Do you have any names picked out and my favorite...Do you want a boy or a girl? For the longest time I just assumed that our first born would be a boy. I know that makes no sense because how can you "assume" something like that? It makes me giddy on the inside thinking of a little boy exploring, playing in the dirt, tiny legos and army men everywhere. But as the possibility of a girl has sunk into my head I can't help but be excited for tea parties, dress up, and adorable little girl clothing. Having a boy does intimidate me a little mostly because I don't have much experience with little boys. I have no idea how you teach a little boy to pee standing up or what do you say to them when they turned the 100 millionth item they can find into a gun? I am really feminine so having a girl would be more natural but what scares me about raising a girl is making sure she has confidence and self-esteem as she grows older especially in today's society.

Ultimately...I don't really care. I am happy either way. As long as it is not a dinosaur we are good.

But a little guessing along the way is just fun. I put a poll up on the top left corner for you to give your two cents! We go in for our one and only ultrasound on June 11th to find out. My mom and mother in law are joining us and during the ultrasound we are going to ask the tech to circle boy or girl on a card and give it to our moms. That following weekend we are going to have a gender reveal party and the moms are supposed to coordinate a cake that is pink or blue on the inside. I have a feeling that week might be one of the longest weeks of my life but finding out with all of our close friends and family that will have an influence one way or another on this little babe's life outweighs the waiting.

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