Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 4-7

I have been writing weekly recaps at the end of each week since I have been pregnant in hope of posting them here eventually. Since I am officially out of the closet I figure it is time to share! Here is the first month that I knew I was pregnant (so weeks 4-7). Unfortunately we didn't start taking pics till around week 10.  It is probably a good thing since I was mostly just a bloated grump of a person during this time.

Week 4
Holy shit Batman! We are pregnant! Excited and freaked out all in one. I have been having some serious concerns about finances. I woke up the next day after we found out panicking about what if the baby needed braces! How are we going to afford that?! Silly. We told our parents on Sunday evening by giving them a gift of a pacifier and a card congratulating them on becoming grandparents. Bradley's mom and step dad had no idea we were even trying (my parents did) so it was incredibly nerve racking and joyous at the same time.
I took the test on a Friday morning before going to work and walked in a dream like haze the rest of the day. I bought two more tests after work and both were positive.
Symptoms: Some mild nausea but over all I feel really good.

What we gave our parents
Week 5
It’s finally sinking in that I am pregnant! I have stopped having panic attacks about finances and I have reminded myself that this time last year we were not sure how we were going to afford a mortgage payment but here we are doing it with a little extra to spare. Pretty sure that it is a boy. We told some of our close friends this week. They are all super excited for us! It hasn't been as hard keeping quiet about it but I have started to get questions as suspicious looks about why I am not coming to as many social events and when I do I get the third degree about why I am not drinking. Poor Bradley has the flu this week. Luckily I didn't get it. Symptoms: Can you say blimp? I feel like I belong in the Macy's day parade and I am having some bowel issues as well.

Week 6
This week was spring break for me and I am really was grateful to have time to just sit and relax because good lord am I tired! Sometimes, usually in the afternoons, I feel like I have been hit with the sleepy truck and I have to sit and do nothing or close my eyes. This week we had our OB intake appointment. It wasn't too exciting but more reassuring to have some of the questions I have been having answered (like peanuts! I can eat peanuts!). During the appointment we also went over finances and I had blood drawn. I also learned that I am terrible at peeing in a cup. For now only close friends and family know I and I got to talk with Rachel about her pregnancy and delivery. The delivery part was gross and freaky sounding but we will cross that bridge when it gets close. Symptoms: Fatigue! Morning sickness has kicked in. Some foods are starting to sound really gross like Lara bars, bananas, and chicken. If I could eat bread, salad and ice cream all day I would. My lower back and hips have really been hurting. I am think that it is stemming from the fact that it's nice out and I am wearing sandals and that time in college when I fell down a flight of stairs at work and injured my sciatic. Stupid Melting Pot.

Pregnancy cravings
Week 7
Oh week 7... how I wish I could have a warning how miserable you were going to be. At the beginning of this week I got a raging sinus infection. Who gets sick right after spring break? I do! So I am pretty sure this just made everything worse. This week I was prone to randomly sobbing. I watched a Pampers commercial and ugly cried for a good 10 minutes. I am incredibly behind in my graduate homework and my house is downright disgusting. My mom stopped by mid-week and I think was somewhat taken aback by me and the house. She even made the effort to point out some cat food that had migrated a good 4 feet from the cat bowl...and she called me a "big girl" this week...thanks mom. Morning sickness has migrated to other times of the day and has been worse. It mostly just consists of me making a gagging noise and face and then I am over it. On the plus side it is good to know that baby, who we have been calling blueberry this week, now has arms and legs and looks less like something out of an Aliens movie. The other fun symptom of the week is good ‘ol constipation. I consider myself lucky if I poop every few days. I am now thinking blueberry is a girl. Maybe there are two in there. Oh god. The weather has also been freakishly nice, like trees with their first leaves and green grass, so it’s been a little hard only being able to stare out the window while I am a worthless prego sick person on the couch.

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