Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 8-12

So here is the second part of my 1st trimester weekly updates.  From now on I will just go to updating weekly on this good stuff! Just a fair warning there are some gross bodily functions in here. I am quickly learning that when you are pregnant all modesty is out the window. We started taking belly pics around week 10 and have been trying to take them on Saturdays to stay consistent.

Week 8
Time is flying! This week was much better than last! I actually feel healthier and by the end of the week some of the morning sickness is fading and my energy levels are returning. I am actually starting to "look" pregnant. There is no more sucking in my stomach and hiding my growing waste line. We have decided to announce it to everyone at 10 weeks. It is becoming increasingly harder to hide it. I have had to be reclusive which hasn't been too hard since I generally haven't felt good but I am starting to feel guilty about it. I want to see my friends and I want them to know. We had our 8 week appointment with our OB, Dr. Stern, this week. They tried to look for the heart beat with the Doppler thingy but they couldn't hear it yet. I was super excited to hear it but it didn't worry me that they couldn't find it. It’s not like I am 90lbs here people.

Week 9 and 10
These two weeks have just kind of mushed themselves together. Thankfully a lot of the gross 1st trimester symptoms are going away. My pooping is back to normal (hallelujah!) the morning sickness is much less although it still likes to pop up from time to time, and my energy levels are slowly getting back to normal. At the start of week 10 we announced to everyone that we were pregnant. It was so nice to finally tell everyone instead of trying to hide it. Now I have a reason to not come to your stupid drunken event. Sorry friends. It’s just not fun for me when I can't participate. Towards the middle of week 10 my full on baby bump arrived. I have a full on rounded belly. It’s not big but it is there. I have noticed people staring at my belly and then staring at me. Some rando even approached me and asked me if I was expecting. Good thing I was or I might have punched her. I have been dreaming of Blue Jays a lot. Is it a sign? I don't know. This week I am feeling boy. At the end of week 10 we went back to the doctor to try and here the heartbeat again. No luck. The nurse said my uterus was right under my pubic bone and about to move above it. The placenta was also in the way but luckily they picked up the placenta pumping blood so I can only assume all is well. I can't let myself freak out or I will. I am good at that. We have another appointment at the end of week 11 to try again. If they can't find it I will get an ultra sound (I am secretly wishing to a healthy baby and an ultra sound). We decided not to do any 1st trimester screening. We figure if the baby has a disability so what? It’s not going to cause us to terminate the pregnancy. This baby could be missing an arm and that just means it gets a cool robotic laser arm in my mind.

Week 11
Spring is definitely here! The lilacs starting blooming this week which always make me feel happy and hopeful. This week started off a little rocky with some pressure and aching in my pelvic area (sorry…TMI) which resulted in a trip to the OB’s and a bladder infection.  Now that we have for the most part let the cat out of the bag week 11 was filled with telling more people and seeing their happy faces. The best part about this week was it was topped off by hearing baby's heart beat for the first time at 178 bpm. I am starting to feel almost back to normal but I still get a little barfy in the mornings but it goes away quickly. I have been craving oreos and ice cream all week but I have been trying to hold off as long as a can. Baby actually looks like a human and not a reptile and it is crazy to think there is a little guy or gal floating around in there.

Week 12
This this took fooorevvvver! The kids  are getting really antsy at school and this week I broke up a water fight and a clay fight. Such fun (insert sarcastic voice). According to some pregnancy websites I am in the last week of the 1st trimester and according to one of my books I am in the 1st week of my 2nd trimester. I am going to ride it out and say this is the last of my 1st trimester. I am pretty much back to my normal self I just get tired really easy. I went at with my good girlfriends at the beginning of this week and it was interesting to not enjoy an adult beverage while everyone else is. I wasn't sure if it was going to be the same but I still found myself laughing hysterically and my cheeks hurt the next day. It makes me grateful to have such good friends. We got to hear Baby's heartbeat again at the end of the week. It put a big ‘ol warm and fuzzy smile on my face. This week my appetite has slowed down and I have had some stomach pains here and there from all the rearranging that is going on. Sleeping is also becoming a little more challenging.  My sides have become the only comfortable way to sleep and I still have my 1am or 3am wakeup call from my bladder. I am 98% sure it is a girl now. I started a few baby items here and there.  It is really hard to hold off!

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