Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh Hey There!

Although I have been spending copious amounts of time on my computer it has all been for the love of finishing up this semester of graduate school.  I literally just finished my final paper for my contemporary art class (what do you want to know about Yoko Ono?) and hopped right over here.  Now I can finally engage in all these crazy nesting urges I am having and start to focus more on this pregnancy and relaxing.  You want to know what the hardest part of being pregnant so far is? Not being able to buy EVERYTHING and decorate like a crazy person.  Now that we are past the first trimester I feel more comfortable buying things but good god I would say about 98% of baby stuff is gender specific.  I don’t know how people who wait the entire 9 months to find out the gender do it.  I am too impatient and we will be finding out the gender in June.  Currently I am thinking girl but it could be a Cyclops for all I know. Just kidding, baby!  I have bought a few things but I mostly have just been spending time on Pinterest getting inspiration. Today’s finds…mobiles!    

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