Sunday, April 8, 2012

Guess What?

Its official.  I am pregnant!

It has been a crazy 8 long weeks of waiting to tell people! At my 8 week appointment I got this raving review from my doctor about how healthy my body is as well as the pregnancy so we gave it a couple more weeks to announce it jut to make sure. Plus friends were starting to figure it out.  One friend told me last night that she had an idea when she invited me out to margaritas and my usual excited response was more lackluster (I love me some margaritas).  Everything is still very surreal.  Sometimes I find myself looking at my stomach and thinking "are you sure there is a baby in there?" and then I think about chicken and I want to barf.  My stomach has also started to change and there is a definate rounded pooch there now. So needless to say expect more baby related posts!  This is a crazy change for us with this baby being our first. There has already been a lot of highs and lows.  Like the morning after we found out I woke up in a panic about what if this kid needs braces and how are we going to afford that!? I am sure all this new stuff is totally normal. Braces or not we are incredibly excited to welcome this little guy or gal into our family!

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  1. Very excited for you, Sara! All the LJ girls are going to have babies now (with a few exceptions) :D