Friday, January 6, 2012

Dusting off the Juicer

I have been having some food issues lately. Mostly dealing with eating a certain something.  That something being...meat.  How weird.  I have never had an adversion to meat before.  I look at it and everything in me curls inward uncomfortably and doesn't want to put it in my mouth.  I am not a vegetarian but I really don't eat a lot of red meat because well, it just doesn't agree with my digestive system if you know what I mean. I try to buy free range meat when I can and I am mildly anemic. So why the no meat, Sara? I don't really get it. However what I do know that my interest has recently been peaked with vegan and raw cooking.  It is so far from what I am used too and know that I have been devouring any information that I can.  I am going to try and start incorporating more of this style of eating well...because its just better for you.  I love you cheese but I don't think it would hurt to switch you out with some veggies here and there. So this morning I dusted off the juicer and emptied my veggie drawers.

Juicing is well...interesting. I could probably be more organized about it but there is something about throwing a bunch of stuff in the juicer and seeing what comes out.  I do have a few staples that go in there and then I add in whatever else I have.

I usually try to incorporate some type of green leafy veg and carrots.  Today was kale and a lot of it. I really really don't like the taste of kale but it is probably one of the best things for you.  I have learned to "hide" it with a lemon. Just throw a lemon in there and it will soften the taste of bitter veggies.


Today I had kale, carrotts, cucumber, pomegranate seeds, a lemon, and an orange (not pictured).  I don't peel the carrotts or the cucumber since that is where a lot of the nutrients are.  I did cut the lemon in half and took the skin of the orange. 

I also added a teaspoon of flax seed to my juice and throw in a couple of ice cubes to keep it cold.


You will get that lovely green color from the greens. It tastes really good once you get used to not expecting something really sweet.  It also feels really good knowing that you are putting something so good into your body.

green juice!

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  1. I love my juicer! I also like making green smoothies from throwing spinach or kale into any regular smoothie recipe.