Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Day Miracle

Saturday morning and nothing to do.  Its a freaking Christmas miracle!  I meant to start blogging again but January just took off running. Yesterday the school district graciously decided not to make us drag ourself into work after a foot of snow fell over night so I used my snow day to catch up on homework for grad school and clean my house all of which is usually reserved for Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.  Now I have nothing to do but sip coffee, watch the food network and watch my husband snooze on the couch.  Truth is I am actually really glad January was so damn busy.  It is hands down my least favorite month of the year and it isn't uncommon for me to experience a little bit of seasonal depression this time of year.  Now we just have to make it through February which is always (except for leap years) punctuated by my birthday on the last day of the month.  



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  1. Definitely feel ya on the seasonal depression part. I was so happy that January flew by this year, and with all the red and pink hearts everywhere, February sorta just feels more like spring to me, so it's easier to bear. Yay for unexpected days off!