Sunday, April 3, 2011

Venturing into Responsibility

Sometimes in the midst of everything I stop and I think about when I was a little kid and I was in sooo much of a hurry to grow up.  There are just certain things that are not at all fun when you are an adult that you never think about when you are 5.  Like buying tires.  I will always remember going into Discount Tires to get a flat tire fixed and them rolling in one of my other 3 perfectly good tires to show me how badly I needed knew tires.  I am pretty sure my mouth was hanging open when I handed them my credit card and walked out an hour later and $450 poorer.  I can think of 5 million other thing I could spend $450 on than tires.  But these are the joys of being an adult.
My newest adventure in adulthood that no one really could have prepared me for is buying a house.  Originally we thought we wanted something outside of town on a little land however we are finding that what exists on the outskirts of town is multimillion dollar mansions or extremely dilapidated trailer homes.  Both of which I will just not even go there one because of finances and two because I am a spoiled only child.  Plus I am beginning to wonder if I am ready to live outside of town.  I don't think I am done riding my bike to wherever I want.  I'll just trade for a large year instead.
I have been looking since the beginning of the year (probably excessively at times) but we started talking to a realtor last month.  So far we have looked at 4 homes and of course the second one we looked at is the one I want.  This is the same story with my wedding dress however it was the first one I tried on.  The other houses were so ass.  This house yesterday had a distinctly unique foul smell on every floor.  Another one was incredibly dated it looked like it time warped out of the 1960s complete with squishy grout between the bricked exterior and perfectly manicured junipers that are IMPOSSIBLE to remove.  
My problem is I am such an over-planner and thinker by that when it is time to get to something I usually know exactly what I want.  I forget most of the time that not everyone is like that  So when we found this house I knew it was perfect.  The only problem is no one else (that being my husband and our financiers a.k.a my parents) aren't mentally and probably emotionally there with me.  The stress of buying a house I am finding is that it involves every large stressor in life... money, shelter, and the fear of the unknown.  So after a few mild meltdowns and looking at some other ass houses we are going back to look at house #2 tomorrow.  Wish us luck.  When I was a kid I probably would have thought I was going to live in a lighthouse on top of a mountain.

I will however be buying this because it is just freaking awesome.

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