Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dead Tired

Sometimes I am amazed at the human body especially after I saw this post on Spearmint Baby about having twins. I have a friend currently pregnant with twins and it is hard to imagine that she is growing not 1 but 2 babies inside her tiny little frame. 
My body has been subjected to some not so nice things lately including a mild case of food poisioning (we won't talk about that) and some serious sleep deprivation as of late.  Our little town sits right up against the mountains and for some reason it has been exceptionally windy (and warm) the past few weeks.  Normally I am a "corpse sleeper" as I like to call it.  I have 4 alarms and you might have to shake me really hard to wake me up.  This type of sleeping also comes with sleepwalking and intensely vivid dreams that are hard to distinguish against reality.  In reality its really not all its cracked up to be. However the good part is most nights I can lay down and be asleep within 15 minutes (this really pissses my husband off) but when the wind is blowing I can't sleep at all.  Its like polar opposites on my body and it doesn't know how to react. I pretty much feel like I could crawl under my desk and sleep however that is just not possible or probably acceptable at work? Probably not. So I will just imagine myself sleeping... even with the wind blowing tonight.


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