Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning

There is really nothing like Saturday morning.  Its so nice to sit around and enjoy the quiet instead of rushing out of the house to go to work. I usually wake up before Bradley so I have the house to myself.  I try and use this time to catch up on my internet browsing, laundry, and taking care of my plants around my house.

So on to the more exciting news!  I think we have a house!  Our townhouse that is.  Our offer was accepted by the buyer so this week I have been running around trying to get everything in order.  Luckily we had already met with our mortgage lender but this week we had the inspection and I had to visit a real estate lawyer since we are buying this house "for sale by owner".  This is another townhouse for sale in the cul-da-sac.  Ours is the mirror opposite with a more updated kitchen.  The best part is my parents are 3 houses down and one of my best friends, Brittany, is 5 houses down.  My dad has already started calling it the commune.  Its not what we originally set out to buy but it is probably the best move we could have made.  It is big enough to start a family in, I have a built in babysitter a.k.a mom, and it is close to the college campus so eventually we will turn it into a rental.  Isn't it fun being an adult? Its hard to believe I have actually made it to this point.  I really never thought I would.  I feel so grown up and responsible. Its kind of awkward.   
Now that everything is moving along my mind has now switched over to decorating mode.  Its probably a little early but I just can't help myself!  The thought of painting walls whatever color I want just makes me giddy on the inside.    These are the colors I have playing around with although I just got a funny look from Bradley over the purple.  I really just want to paint various shades of grey with pops of color and pattern here and there. 

Who knows.  I will probably change my mind tomorrow but it is good to start thinking of these things, right? Also there is an Ikea opening up in Denver this fall.  I have a feeling that we are going to be spending a lot of time there. 


  1. Thanks! I don't think I have ever been so excited to decorate.