Sunday, April 17, 2011

Radish Love

I have a really bizaar love for radishes.  I have since I was a kid and I remember it being one of the only vegetables, besides fresh tomatoes, that my mom could get me to eat.  She would plant rows and rows of radishes in her garden just for me because no one else in the house liked them.  So since they are a cooler weather crop I am starting to see them show up in the grocery stores here this time of year and I have decided to challenge myself to find different ways to cook with them and spread my radish love to everyone in my path. Watch out now.

Radishes and Sauteed Spinach.
So freakin easy. Another cooking goal of mine is to work on my sauteed greens.  They scare me a little bit and I don't know why.  I think it is the look or maybe the look of the texture of them?  I don't know.  They always taste good though.
Okay!  All you need for this is radishes, spinach, garlic and a tbs. of olive oil

Sautee your garlic and radishes in the olive oil on medium till you see the garlic soften
radish and garlic love

Add spinach.  And cook untill spinach is wilted.  I never add enough spinach so really pile that stuff on.  It cooks down to barely anything.
radishes and spinach

love. love. love.

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