Friday, February 11, 2011

Look on the Bright Side

What is it with this time of year?  And why does all the suckiness get thrown at you all at once? The Universe will only give you as much as you can handle so I guess I can handle everything that is going on now?  I think so.  This week has basically been taken over by my ailing grandfather, emotionally distraught father in law living on my couch, and watching my mom grieve over her dying father (this one is the kicker).

SO!  I am making a list of everything good I am looking forward to this weekend.   

Friday drinks with Allison.  I have been going to the gym after work the past 3 days to relieve stress so I figure a night off is well deserved. 

Seeing my husband
Bradley and me

Good god I sometimes forget how tall my husband is. I have three inch wedges on in this picture.  We have been really strong lately.  We worked through some hard stuff between us a week or so ago and it really has only made us grow closer.  I love looking at my husband knowing that he is my partner in this life. 

My sewing 101 class at Mama Said Sew on Saturday. 

I am getting better with my sewing machine but I am hoping that this intro to sewing class will help me on my way to becoming a master at sewing.  I got projects I need to make!

Warm(er) Weather! It is supposed to get almost to 60 both Saturday and Sunday. I could use a little sunshine happiness. Maybe I will even get to open up the windows!


Ladies Valentine Bruch at Rachel's awesome mountain house on Sunday.  Nothing is more theraputic and spending some quality time with my girlfriends.