Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mmmm... Music

I thought I would share some music that I have really been enjoying lately or that I have recently discovered.  Although I have my favorites I am always trying to find new music.  There is so much out there anymore!  I have talked about this before but I used to get new music from MTV back in the day but anymore I have to rely on friends and I have also found some really good stuff on my Pandora too.

La Roux Bulletproof  This song has been turned up on full blast and is usually joined by me dancing around the house like a crazy person.

On my less energetic days I have been listening to a lot of Belle and Sebastain. 

I think I am behind on discovering Florence and the Machine but nerver the less they are good

This is my "its January and I hate winter song" by Jeff Hanson

Sufjan Stevens  Jackson. Anyone that can incorporate strings and horns like this is okay in my book.

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  1. Henry and I totally danced our butts off to the La Roux song, thanks for sharing!