Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Time

This past week as been super wacky and today was no exception.  I think yesterday was the only mellow day I had.  I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at school from 7:15am to 8pm.  I teach IB, which is an excellerated high school program, and on Tuesday the Juniors had their induction to the second part of the IB program.  It was cute but awkward for me.  The kids have themes and then they dress up for the part.  Each group is supposed to have teacher in their group and the "Lady Gaga" group approached me.  I found a lampshade that was turned into a hat and then I did my best to mimic the makeup from the Telephone video.  It turned out well I must say but I refused to take any pictures due to eternal mortification.  When I got there I was one of three teachers and NONE of them dressed up.  I thought all the groups had to have a teacher sponsor but I guess I was wrong.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had parent teacher conferences and I am guessing a lot of teachers turned down the opportunity to dress up like an idiot with a bunch of 16 year old due to this.  Parent teacher conferences are usually good.  I like meeting the kid's parents and I like giving them feedback about their student.  It is fun to see the parent light up when you tell them good things about their kid.  It is also really fascinating to me to see how much the students are like their parents.  The hard part of parent teacher conference is staying at school till 8 on Wednesday and then going back to work on Thursday and staying till 8 again.  I rarely do this but I informed a few of my classes that I was super tired and run down so to forgive me for my lack of energy.  I am always amazed when I do this because my kids are always a little more patient and caring with me.  As a teacher I try to be myself as much as possible while still establishing clear rules and boundaries so everything runs smoothly.  I learned the hard way early in my teaching career that teaching out of power or the idea of "do it because I said so" doesn't work for me.  It is so fake and weird when I do it.  I try to establish mutual respect and understanding in my classroom and explain why we do things and listen to kids when they have concerns.  ANYWAY... side rant.

The husband was also super sick this week with a cold.  We try really hard to take care of each other when we are sick and on Tuesday when he came down with it I tore up the house looking for any kind of cold medicine to find none.  I felt like I failed as a wife listening to the poor guy cough and gurgle snot as he tried to sleep.  I ran home on my break on Wednesday to bring him some Nyquil and put him out of his misery.  Between running back and forth from school to home and taking care of the husband I really didn't have much time for anything else... including my house which looked like a bomb went off in by Friday.  Thank god as a teacher we are compensated with a day off for staying late.  I cleaned and ran some errands including the fabric store to get some fabric for my new sewing machine!

Today I woke up with horrible monthly lady cramps and had to take two vicodin to knock myself out.  We had plans to finish the cleaning, go to a pumpkin patch, and a show tonight.  That was all out the window.  I woke up about an hour ago to find Bradley also passed out from his cold so we are just a ball of fun tonight.  We are going to try for the pumpkin patch tomorrow.  Hopefully all will be well in the lady region.

The only good side to all of it is the sleep... and kitty time... lots of kitty time.
dreamy kitty

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