Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am super excited for the re-release of one of my favorite movies this Friday, Metropolis, whis is a 1927 silent film by Frtiz Lang.  It is one of the most expensive silent films ever made at 5 million dollars and takes place in a futuristic urban dystopia and explores social uprising among the underground workers against the social elite that live lavishly above ground. 
The character Maria is by far my favorite.  She tends to the workers and their children and preaches salvation and becomes the worker's savior like figure.  Freded, who is part of the social elite,  follows her one day underground and is appaled by the condiditions.  The story goes on and eventually an evil robot Maria is made and the movie is a silent whirwind of awesomeness not to mention the time period and styling are wonderful.  
When I first watched the movie there were gaps of missing film.  The movie is being re-released because the various scenes that had been lost of the years were found in Argentina and the movie has been made whole again. 

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