Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm feeling much better now

Talk about major upheaval.  Things have finally settled down and we have moved in temporarily with my parents while we figure out what in the world we are doing.  Everyday I rotate between renting, buying, and ignoring everything.  The nice thing is my parents are amazing and it has been really nice being with them and being able to reconnect. 
One of the beautiful things about being a teacher is having the summers to reconnect with yourself and friends as well as rejuvenate.  I always feel a little bit saner in the summers.  I am much more quiet on the inside.  Truly I am an introvert to the core.  I love connecting with people but being a teacher at times it is at the sacrifice of keeping a connection with yourself.
Last weekend I spent in Las Vegas with three of my best friends.  I haven't laughed so much in a long time especially when you laugh so hard it hurts and you can't breath.  I really needed that.  We stayed by the pool in the mornings and early afternoons, rested in the late afternoon, shopped in the evenings and went out to dinner at night.  It was really nice to have that time together.  We vowed to make it a yearly event.

This was taken at Tao night club in the Venetian.  We all felt so out of place for a bunch of Colorado girls who live in a town with no night clubs.

As for the rest of the month we still have not found a place to live.  I honestly just fine spending another month with my parents.  I am also getting ready to leave for Costa Rica for two weeks.  I am so excited about this trip it is hard to not get all worked up and excited when I tell people about it.  I have promised people to max out the memory card on my camera (It holds 700 pictures), bring back a turtle, cigars (not sure why on that one), and have an absolutely amazing time.  I am traveling with a group of teachers and we are all over the country.  We are starting at sustainable plantations and then making our way to work in some local schools, and eventually we travel into the cloud forest and stay at the base of Costa Rica's active volcano.