Thursday, July 1, 2010

back in the ussr

I am back from Costa Rica! What an amazing country.  The people and the culture there is so in love with their country and their environment.  There was recycling EVERYWHERE even in the tiniest little town.   We saw lots of animals including my favorite of the sea turtle laying eggs on the beach at 1 in the morning.  Unfortunately since we are still living with my parents I have no idea where my camera cord is so I am going to have to go digging.
Speaking of living with my parents we finally found a place to live here .  It isn't exactly what I want (we did find that and it was a house on 1/2 acre of land outside of town but it was more than we wanted to pay) but this place is a good deal, will allow us to save money, and I won't get so attached to it that is will be hard to move away from this time next year.  We are just waiting out another month at my parents house.  I have been trying to help out here as much as possible since my parents have been so kind and financially helpful.
As for the rest of the summer I really don't have to many big plans.  Bradley's 30th birthday is at the end of July, our 2 year anniversary is the beginning of August and then there is our annual big camping trip to Lake Macconaughy.  Otherwise I just want to enjoy the summer, swim and run around like a little kid.

 (image via wehearit)

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