Thursday, February 25, 2010


Its been a goal for awhile now to someday at some point in my life to end up in a place where I can have chickens and raise bees. I sounds really nerdy but it is true.  My house is really just a place to store my crazy amount of plants and I geek out on a nerdy nature level just about every day. I recently stumbled across Denver Urban Homesteading as well as The Backyard Hive and their bee keeping classes and thought how nice it would be to start learning about bee keeping now.  I also found these great hives that you can keep in your own yard.


  1. Tim wants us to have bees too! I thought it sounded crazy but maybe keeping bees isn't as far fetched as I once thought

  2. I don't think it is very common for people to want to keep bees but it makes sense if you are into horticulture and permaculture which sounds like Tim is. Plus honey!