Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super kitty

rowan pants

rowan pants

This is my Rowan. He makes everything in my life just that much easier. When I was 17 I was walking through the mall with some friends Christmas shopping I saw Rowan and another kitten were playing in the window of a pet store. I walked past and then something just stopped me and I had to walk back. I went in the store and a mother and her son had asked to see the other kitten with Rowan. I walked up and asked to see Rowan. The store clerk pulled him out and Rowan immediately started this awful screeching noise and dug his claws into the clerk. He looked at me like "are you sure you want to hold this cat" and I took Rowan from him. He immediately stopped the noise and snuggled into my arms. It was love at first sight. I did some finagling and somehow convinced the store to sell me the cat even though I was under 18. He helps me when life is crazy which it has been lately. I have been making an effort just to enjoy everyday and take one thing at a time. It seems to be helping. I have been spending a lot of time talking with Bradley about what we want in life and what is important to us. My husband is so amazing. He is just as grounding as my cat. If I think about it they both have this very laid back easy going personality.

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