Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of spring

Yesterday I was poking around in the dirt I noticed little blades of grass starting to poke their heads up.  Usually this time of year I am anxious and feel like I am pulling a 100 lbs weight just trying to make it to spring.  This year is different for some reason.  I am constantly confusing spring with fall.  For some reason my internal clock is all messed up and I am set for about 5 months ago.  Its weird but nice at the same time.  I start my second job next weekend working at a local greenhouse.  Maybe that will straighten me out.  Everyone keeps telling me I am crazy for working all week and then working all weekend but we have some serious debt that I want to get ride of. Its not permanent. 

Last weekend was my birthday and we celebrated all weekend long.  On Friday I spent some time with my lovely ladies, on Saturday Bradley and I went shopping in Denver and had a really wonderful dinner together, and on Sunday we went to brunch with my parents and I went to my little Ben's 1st birthday party.  For some reason we only took these pictures from the weekend. 

sunday morning


eating kitty

That is our awesome Lost poster in the background. A bunch of artists were commissioned to design a limited series of prints.  They sold for $50 and when we got ours no one really knew was going on.  Once it grew in popularity it was near impossible to get another print.  I saw the one we have listed on ebay for $1000 the other day. Crazy.

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