Monday, August 6, 2012


Olympia trying to be sneaky and steal the thread from my sewing machine.
Also check out that adorable picture of my mom when she was 5.

I love blog posts that give you a little insight as to what the blogger is currently thinking about, into, planning for, etc. It makes the writer feel a little more maybe just human. However, whenever I see this blog post I want to do it but feel like I am ripping the original author off. Silly. So I am just going to go for it.

Loving: Feeling little lady move around a lot more. Pregnancy is a weird journey and most of the time I feel like my body is a giant science experiment. One of the pay offs is feeling her move inside of me. For the longest time I kept wondering if I was really pregnant. All I could see was this belly growing in front of me. I longed to feel her moving around in there. It is so exciting to feel her little kids, flips, and minor adjustments.

Reading: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Every summer I try to pick one classic novel to read along with the all the other books I check out from work before summer break. The Fountainhead was written in the 1920s but I am surprised at how relevant it still seems today. The characters are really interesting to me and I find that this book isn't at all predictable It is taking me a lot longer than normal to read. It reminds me of older movies sometimes where the dialog is stretched out longer than it needs to be. The copy I have is over 800 pages long and it has traveled to San Diego and is about to go camping for 5 days.

Watching: I started out really strong watching the Olympics but I seem to have dropped off recently. I can only take so much of beach volleyball and water polo just makes me want to go swimming. I think I was only really interested in the gymnastics so now that is over I find my attention waning. I have also been watching the new seasons of True Blood and Breaking Bad. I am super disappointed with True Blood this season. It has the weirdest timing. Luckily Alexander Skarsgaard's face is enough to keep me watching.

Thinking about: Going back to work and graduate school. My first day back to work is next week. Yikes! We usually have a few days to get all our ducks in a row and then school starts on Monday the 20th. I am having more anxiety about it this than I normally do. It is just cloudy in my head how it is all going to come together, how I am going to fit in 1, possibly 2, classes for graduate school, setting up lesson plans for a long term sub, being on my feet for full days, dealing with high school kids while pregnant and tired. I will figure it out but it is just weighing on me heavier than normal.

Anticipating: The yearly end of the summer camping trip that my friends and I go on every year to Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. I know...Nebraska. Somehow they ended up with an awesome lake with white sand beaches. We have done this trip for 10 years now. It is interesting to see how it has changed. The first year there was 7 of us, minimal camping supplies, and a lot of shenanigans. The largest group we ever had was over 20 people. That was the year it rained the whole time and we were all miserable! Now when we go we have an awesome system of setting up camp. We always have a kitchen area complete with a dish washing area, pop up tents in case of rain, tons of water toys, a bathroom tent and all kind of cute little kids running around. This year I am going by myself since Bradley is driving to Illinois for a wedding reception. I bought a bunch tarps and clothing line to set up a changing area so I don't have to crawl around in my tent more than I have too.

Listening: Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Boy was she was a train wreck but her music was so good. This album is a bunch of songs that she recorded and never released. It has some great covers of older songs. My favorite is the 1963 cover of "Our Day Will Come" originally by Ruby and the Romantics. It also has some different versions previously released songs.

Working on: I have been sewing a lot this past week.  My mom has been helping me sew some maternity clothing for when I go back to work. I have been making tops and she has been making some pants and a dress.  I have been trying to find clothing that doesn't look like a stole a tent from the local circus and cut some arm holes in it.

Wishing: The nursery would magically finish itself. I don't think that is going to happen.  We still need to put up some shelving in the closet and put up blinds. We have stopped buying stuff for the baby till my baby showers happen next month and we see what we have left to get.

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    1. Awesome! I definitely will next time!