Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pregnancy Week 17 and 18

Going au natural wild hair and all for week 18
"Am I still pregnant?"...This thought has seriously crossed my mind multiple times the last two weeks.  I feel really good and with the exception of this growing belly and insane appetite I feel relatively normal. I have to look back at the first trimester and remember all those symptoms I was having. This whole processes is just flying by so fast it is scary. Next Monday we have our one and only ultrasound my insurance allows.   When I asked why we only get one ultrasound I was told that too many women abuse ultrasounds and will make up any excuse to get one.  Well, duh! Of course we want to see that little babe in there. I am so anxious to find out whether it is a boy or a girl.  Both my mom and I have been having dreams of a little girl.  But when I am awake I am sure it is a little boy.  Bradley thinks it is a boy too.  Maybe there is two in there:)
Last week I finished up my 6th year of teaching which is crazy because I remember so clearly being a newbie my 1st year of teaching. This week I have been doing random projects around our house, painting interior doors, and just hanging out.  Next week I start a month of graduate classes.  Because of that we really haven't made too many summer plans.  We have a trip planned in July for San Diego but that is still somewhat up in the air. I really just want to hang out, get the baby room together, and do projects around the house.  I am sure this will be one of the last quiet summers we have in a long time and I get excited when I think of summers hanging out with the babe.

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