Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Weekend in Photos (Image Heavy!)

Holy crap what a weekend! About twice a year we take our friend's two daughters for the weekend.  It is always so much fun but exhausting.  This time a round felt different. I have been talking to Bradley lately about this weird switch I have been feeling emotionally and mentally. The urge to hang out with my friends all night has vanished.  The last few times I have I felt guilty the next day.  Now this doesn't mean that I don't love my friends and want to see them but I really feel like my priorities are changing.  So now (Sunday evening) after the two wee ones have gone home I miss them.  I am exhausted but I miss the noise and the laughter.  I guess this just means I am ready for a family... dun dun dun!!!

I love this picture.  I picked them up from school on Friday and took them shopping for a baby shower we went to yesterday.

Hannah and Geneva making art

Me doing homework with Hanna

The cats are not used to kids.  I found Olympia in the dryer

Bradley was so good with the girls.  He tucked them in and read to them each night.

Pit stop at Home Depot

We ended the weekend at a friend's BBQ.  I couldn't get enough of her new born twins.

Sweet Nola.

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