Monday, August 1, 2011

Launch Skateboard Project

Actual quote from my dad:  "I had no idea you could draw"
Thanks Dad. You only paid for 5 years of art school. What did you think I was doing there the whole time?  Frolicking in a meadow?  Getting high behind the pottery dumpsters? NO!  Working my ass off!
Sadly, I don't get to make as much art as I want to.  Recently I was given a blank skateboard to make a piece of art on for a local non-profit called LAUNCH.  Here is what happened and I say happened because whenever I start a piece of art my original concept is rarely what I end up with.


detail of face

deatil of flower


  1. Just started following your blog -- I found you via Sometimes Sweet. These are fantastic! I love that I can see a bit of newspaper print in the last photo. You're a great artist. :-)

  2. Thank you so much and welcome! I have been enjoying your blog as well!