Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Vacation Part 2: San Diego (image heavy!)

On Monday Bradley and I went to the airport with the ladies at 6 in the morning (that was rough) and picked up a rental car to drive to San Diego.  I was excited to drive through a part of the country that I had never seen before but I got in the car and shut my eyes and 4 hours later I woke up infront of and In-n-Out in Temecula. Oh well. We spent the next few days with Bradley's family and on Wednesday we pick up our good friend and Bradley's coworker, Erwin, to go to Comic Con on Thursday. 
I will warn you that my picture taking took a steep decline as the week went on.  I was tired and having a hard time catching back up from Las Vegas. You will be really dissapointed in me when I tell you I only took a few pictures at Comic Con.  Now when I tell people that I went to Comic Con they get very excited but I was actually really dissapointed in it this year. Its so packed in there and if you want to do just about anything (like pick up your badges) you have to wait in a monster line.  Maybe I am just getting older but it was a bit claustrophobic and we even went to one of the least attended days.  I did manage to pick up a piece of art and a birthday present for Bradley before Rachel and I made our escape.  Probably the best part of the vacation was spending time with friends and family.  We drove to Encinitas a couple of night to see Rachel and Shane's friend Ben play music and spent some time at the beach. 

I forgot how much I love the California mornings.  You can feel the dew in the air and the sun warming everything up.  I sat outside each morning with my coffee.
morning coffee

Bradley and his cousin's roommates dog Nacho.  It seems to be the summer of the Chiuaua
Bradley and Nacho

In La Jolla
In the ocean

Bradley and Erwin after waiting in line for almost 3 hours just to get our badges.
3 hours later

One of my favorite parts of Comic Con.  I could have watched these little guys for hours.
Comic Con Lego booth

Downtown San Diego
San Diego

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