Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Vacation Part 1: Las Vegas (image heavy!)

Wheew!  We are back from our whirlwind vacation to Las Vegas and San Diego and we had a blast!  I am still unloading the aftermath and it took Bradley and me a good night of sleeping 10 hours to feel normal again but it was a great vacation.   On Friday Bradley, 3 of my good girlfriends and myself boarded a plane to Las Vegas.  The ladies and I had our own weekend getaway plans and Bradley was joining a group of his friends for a bachelor party weekend. The ladies and I spent a lot of time by the pool, shopping, and amazing dinners.  I didn't really ask the details of the boy's adventures but all I know is when we met back up with Bradley on Sunday he had a samurai sword in his possession.

Barf bag puppets. Bradley doesn't fly well so this is always a good distraction.
Barf bag puppets

On the plain

Cosmopolitan in Vegas

Art-O-Mat! A recycled cigarette machine turned into an instant art dispensor.  
art o mat

After losing our money at the penny slots.  We gamble like old ladies.
Brittany at the Penny Slots

Flamingo Pool


At the Sugar Factory

See the rest here!

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