Friday, July 8, 2011

Bradley's Finds V. 1

Bradley and the dog

4th of July
(From the 4th of July.  I am not a dog person but how could you not love this dog?!)

Sorry for the short absence!  I have been painting the interior walls like a maniac. I have been making myself take Thursday off so I can enjoy my free time and maybe do something like blog? Good idea. So its no secret that I think my husband's job might possibly be the coolest and nerdiest job ever.  He gets to hang out with his two close friends selling nerdy collectibles and scouring the internet for new products.  What always amazes me is some of the interesting things he find on the internet and shows me so I thought I would share.

If you are having a bad day I encourage you to check out Cute Roulette.  Its one of my favorite things to get out of a funk.

How can you not adore these two! They are so stinkin' sweet!

If you like Andy Samberg you will like this(click on Michael Bolton dressed up as Jack Sparrow).  I had absolutely no idea that Michael Bolton had a sense of humor.

I love David Bowie and I love this little guy

What a great idea for clothing and especially the iphone covers.  Anything from this time period really gets my visual happiness going.

This book has been out for a while but it still sounds amazing and it combines my favorite short story with my fluffy kitties.

What is not to love about doughnuts and robots?

This video is awesome in it's retro feel but be prepaired to be a little weirded a good way!

Let me know if you enjoy this!  Lord knows there are lots more where this came from.
I am off for a weekend in the mountains.  Have a good weekend and I will see you next week!

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