Monday, June 27, 2011

Moments in the House

Hello! Yes, I am alive.  No, I did not drown in all the boxes of moving.  But it was close.  We finally just set up my computer this past weekend.  Our original desk had an unfortunate demise during the moving process. It was a big and bulky desk that I had since college.  Bradley was positive that he could take the top half of it off to make moving it up a flight of stairs much easier but really he just ended up taking the whole desk apart. I just looked at my desk in pieces after and hour of cursing and said "we are buying a new desk".   I though I would share some moments I captured around the house this morning.  I love this place.  It is so light and airy.  Behind the house is a big open grassy area which its not uncommon to spot foxes and deer roaming through it. Its really just nice to finally be in a place that feel like home.



Mr. Fish


shower curtain




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