Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do You Like My Buns?

Happy Sunday!  Or what is left of it.  I somehow managed to be super productive today in the getting things done/cooking/generally being awesome department.  I had my grocery shopping done by 9:30, lunch with friends, hanging out with the husband, laundry, wrestling with my duvet cover (does anyone else hate putting those things on?) and a full Indian inspired meal for dinner.

Like I mentioned earlier spring break was full of doing a bunch of projects I have been meaning to get to.  I thought I would share the brioche and the reversible tea towel I made this past week.  I will have to share my modified brioche recipe.  If you have never had it is amazingly flaky and good it just has a frightening amount of butter in 3 sticks of butter...ya.

Do you like my buns?

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