Friday, March 18, 2011

And Then I Appeared

Okay!  I am here!  I might just have to dub myself as the worst blogger ever.  It seems when times get busy blogging is the first thing to go.  I guess I have to remember why I started bloggin in the first place and this has always been (even with my livejournal) to keep a record of what I am up to.  I have never been the best at keeping a written hard as I tried.  I have always been better at doing in on the computer.
So!  With that said you may have noticed that I have changed things up (including the name) of my blog which is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  And I promise (to myself mostly) that I will try to be better at blogging but I sure as hell am not going to beat myself up if I need a break. 

A lot has been going on.  Including my 28th birthday on February 28th.  My husband and one of my best friends through together a wine a cheese party at our house. I unfortunatley don't have too many pictures from that night except this one of Rachel and me as well as Bradley lighting the candles my awesome carrot cake.

bradley lighting my bday cake

The next day we went to my favorite little guy and Rachel son, Ben's, birthday party.  He is so damn cute however since he turned two it was like someone flipped a switch and he turned into a little hellian...a cute one though. My favorite trick of his lately is when he screams "Whole Foods!  Whole Foods!" at random time.  The best is when he puts a little piece of food in one of his trucks and then screams "Whole Foods!"  Kids are great.
Ben's Bday

At the Pizza Shop

Other than that I have just been trudging along till this week which is spring break for me.  We originally planed on going to Puerto Rico until a little nagging suspision in the back of my brain said "maybe you should check you taxes" and sure enough it put a damper on the vacation plans.  Its been nice having time to do the projects around my house that I have been meaning to get to.  I will be back with a post of the the domestic bliss I have been engaging in this week. 

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