Friday, December 3, 2010

Lovely Ladies V.2

So I am trudging my way through the last few weeks of this semester and also trying to be cheery for the holidays.  I can never figure out if I love this time of year or hate it.  I thought I would spare you all my misery so instead of not blogging at all I am going to try and just be positive.  So I thought I would do another Lovely Ladies post before I head out to help my friend Rachel sell some art work tonight.

Today at work I was looking at what my healthy weight range should be because I recently started tracking my food again with weight watchers ( I suppose that is an entirely different post) and I found out for a 5'4" person a healthy weight range for me can go all the way down to 115lbs.  I laughed out loud when I saw that.  I will never be 115 lbs.  My body just won't go there.  I would look like a skeleton if I did.  And I thought "That is okay.  I am not expecting my body to go there".   I know my body well enough to know that weight would not be healthy for me.  And it reminded me of the model Crystal Renn and an interview I saw with her and her battle with anorexia.  She wanted to be happy and healthy and not an anorexic stick. And that is really all I want too.

So I present to you Lovely Lady V.2 Crystal Renn

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