Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm funny

I just found this picture on the Flickr account I set up for people to upload pictures from my wedding and I about died laughing. I was so tired after my wedding that I retreated to the room where I got ready to find two of my bridesmaids resting and proceeded to lay down on the floor. My mom walked in (after she had disappeared towards the start of my reception and the last time I saw her was demanding a larger glass of wine at the bar) laughed and then someone took this picture.


It is hard to believe that our two year anniversary is next month. Where does the time go? In that time we have gone to 6 more weddings, three friends have had babies, we bought a car and have moved twice. Crazy. We don't have any plans just yet for our anniversary because we will be moving into our new house and then taking our annual 5 day camping trip after that. Either way we will be together. I still have wedding cake in the freezer. I am sure that is delicious by now.

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