Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my naked foot

Yes. I exist.
Sometimes I get in these weird ruts where I will stare at the blogger box you type in and either not be able to type or type and then give up half way through.  My surgery went well.  Unfortunately they found that the cartilage behind my knee cap is cracked.  So it just means time to heal.

School has been somewhat weird lately.  In the past week I have pulled a kid out of the trash can, yelled at a student for running around terrorizing freshman in a gorilla suit while he was supposed to helping me take down and art show, told a kid to put his shirt back on, and caught another kid having a race on my desk chair in the gym.  Its is spring.  The children are restless and so am I.

In exciting news I made an appointment to get my foot worked on next month.  The artist that I have been dreaming about doing this tattoo is moving so I begged and pleaded for her to take me.
Mez Love is doing the tattoo.  Her work is amazing!

Here is my idea
golden finch 2

And here is the naked foot!


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