Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy Week 21 and 22

I have seriously been slacking on the pregnancy updates. I just finished my month long stretch of summer graduate classes and I would like to say my posting will go up but we are leaving for San Diego this week so Bradley can venture into the world of geekdom at Comic Con. Oh well.


So yesterday marked week 23 (Almost 6 months along) and this second trimester is just flying! In the past few weeks I think it is okay to officially say "I done popped". If you couldn't tell that I was pregnant before now you can and I have started to get comments from strangers asking me about my pregnancy and weird stares at my belly. I feel incredibly lucky at how smoothly everything is going (knock on wood). My only real symptoms are I get tired really easily, my feet hurt, strange dreams, I can't sit or stand for long periods of time, and my hands and feet are starting to swell. All totally normal things which I am perfectly happy to deal with. The only symptom I am struggling with is this emotional rollercoaster I am on. One moment I am fine and the next I am crying. I have had a few people tell me that their emotions were worse when they were pregnant with girls. I am just going to blame the extra estrogen in my system. Like I have said before my husband is awesome at dealing with me and my hormones. It is nice to have someone so supportive and okay with my craziness.

This past week I have really started to feel this little lady moving around a lot more. Before I was just getting random quick jabs and punches that truthfully hurt. They had no rhyme or reason to their consistency and I would go for days without feeling anything. Now I can feel her moving around daily and it is a different sensation that is hard to describe. It kind of feels like she is just floating around in there and bumping into things. She is generally quiet in the morning and is especially active after lunch and dinner and right before I go to bed and into the night....she already seems to have her father's time schedule. Bradley got to feel her for the first time from the outside.  It was exciting to see his face light up.


Today we have plans to go to Babies R Us to start a registry.  It's intimidating especially since we have not done this before.  I know the basics of what we are going to need to but I am sure there is going to be something that would make our life easier once little lady comes but have no clue as to what it is. The overplanner in me is sure to have a silent meltdown.

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  1. I generally have great skin but when I was pregnant with Henry I broke out non stop, I even had terrible bacne and the dr said it was because of the extra testosterone.

    1. That is so interesting! I can't help but be amused and horrified that my body has turned into a giant science experiment.