Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bad News Good News

Thing have just kind of exploded around here. Not literally...but you know.

Lets start with the bad news and work our way to good news which always involves the little nugget.

Bad News:  Our poor town is in the midst of a really serious fire.  Fort Collins sits right up against the mountains in Northern Colorado and a lot of our friends live in the foothills and in the mountains. It has been burning for over a week now and almost 200 structures (homes included) have burned.  It has kept a lot of us on edge and it has filled the town with smoke.  Being pregnant and asthmatic has pretty much kept me confined to the house which just sucks.  It is just sad since it has taken so many people's homes and possessions not to mention it has devestated the landscape.  Bradley brought up a good point when he said that our little nuggett won't know what that area looks before the fire. I am sure it will just look like the surface of the moon for awhile.  A lot of my students also live in this area so I am sure this is something that our community will be dealing with for a long time.

The fire actually hopped the mountain for a few days so you could see actual fire from town

So so news: I am in the middle of my summer graduate classes which I have to make about a 45 minute drive South East of town so it has been nice to get out of the smoke. 

Good news: We had our ultrasound last week to check up on the babe.  Babe is sooo incredibly healthy and at that point was weighing 10 ounces. The most exciting part was finding out if the babe was a boy or a girl.We had a party last weekend to announce to everyone and all you people that guessed boy (myself included) we were....


 Nugget is a girl! I am so over the moon!

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