Monday, March 12, 2012

Trucking Along

Spring break!(minus the wet t-shirt contest and margaritas) I friggin' love March and I love being a teacher.  In Colorado it will bless us with 65 degree days, things start sprouting from the ground, bugs and birds make their slow return and I get to sit outside in the sun. We usually stick around during spring break.  I would love to go somewhere but honestly I need a break.  I need time to do nothing if I so choose. Yesterday I spent the afternoon sewing instead of cleaning and I was perfectly okay with that. 
images from this weekend

1. I like to steal my husbands shirts. 2. Is that you spring? 3.  Frosties and french fries for a Sunday afternoon treat. 4. Open doors and windows. 5. A thank you card I received from a student.  I must be doing somthing right. 6. Strange maternity pants in a McCall's pattern book.  I can't imagine pregnant women want to wear diaper pants. 7. Bikes as decoration? 8. Daffodils I found at the grocery store. 9. Game of Thrones on Blueray.  If you haven't seen this show you NEED to watch it.

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