Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trenton Doyle Hancock

So Saturday mornings are usually filled with homework for my contemprary art class.  We have been focusing on art from 1900 on and holy crap is there a lot of it.  I think in my undergrad art history classes stopped around the 1950s  and then I really got into learning about pre-columbian art history (art in Mexico and the Central and South Americas before Europeans joined the party).  This week we looked at the role of text in art I stumbled upon artist Trenton Doyle Hancock who originally set out to be a comic book artist yet in his fine art pieces has created a stories with  repeating characters. This class has surely been challenging my idea of art.  I starting to realize that I am more of a traditionalist that I thought. I really love the vibrancy and chaoticness of his works.  There is a great ART 21 video of his thought process.  If anything is hording tendencies and rationalization of them are facinating enough. 

(images via John Cohan Gallery)

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