Saturday, October 8, 2011

Going to the DAM

This past week I talked Bradley into going with me a a bunch of students to the Denver Art Museum.  I usually try to take kids twice a year. Its really nice because they usually take a guided tour in the museum and then have an hour or so to check out all the artwork.  Its enough time for them to explore on their own but not get into trouble.  I was super excited for this trip because Bradley was coming and the museum has a collection of the abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell. However on the way down there one of my kiddos got really sick and I ended up having to wait for his mom to come pick him up.  I felt so bad for him and although I wasn't able to go into the museum with the rest of my kids (Bradley did that part) it was so lovely to sit outside on a gorgeous day and relax while my student was asleep on a park bench.  We did manage to run into the museum and check out the Motherwell paintings before the bus left.

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