Sunday, February 20, 2011

Too Many Projects Not Enough Time

Okay so I might be squealing a little bit over some new projects I found on Design*Sponge.  I have so many projects to do.  The hardest part is finding the time to do them all however the thought of summer and three glorious months to do what I want when I want keeps me brainstorming.

botanical silhouette paper art

This one is insanely easy and something I can do at work while my classes are working.  I always try to work on something with them even if it isn't what they are doing.

bliss’s colorful log caddy

I was standing in my basement yesterday looking at the explosion of my camping supplies.  Wouldn't this be nice to have while camping?  Not that I am ever in charge of the wood.  I mostly let the guys do that and then start throwing logs on the fire later but still?

framed silhouettes from thomas paul

Just to damn cute.

Also....So funny and I know I am guilty of this!

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