Saturday, January 15, 2011

Puerto Rico in my Mind

I tried really hard this week to be impulsive and failed miserably at it.  And I am talking like seriously throwing caution to the wind and being irresponsible.  This time of year I start desperately missing spending time outside and being surrounded by anything green and my time spent on travelocity seems to increase a lot.  I ended up finding a Puerto Rican vacation during my spring break for a reasonable amount and spent almost 3 days staring at the computer screen with my credit card in hand agonizing over to book the vacation or not.  Bradley is so damn supportive and said he would go and we would figure out how to pay it back if that is really what I wanted.  After 3 days of torturing myself I decided that what I really want is more money in my savings account, a house and I want to go to Hawaii with my parents next Christmas.  Puerto Rico just doesn't fit in all that.  Does this mean I am an adult?  Scary!  What happen to my 20 year old days of recklessly spending money on my Discover card with no intention of paying it back?!  Oh well,  I guess Puerto Rico will just have to exist in my mind for now and this pasty white skin is just going to have to wait a few more months.

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