Saturday, November 6, 2010

Secret Compass

Bradley has embarked on a new adventure with our good friend and his business.  I added a nice shiny button on the side on the blog to check it out.  They are dealing in high end movie collectibles and overall awesome nerdy things.  It is truly my husband's dream job.  I can't tell you how many times in the last 7 years we have been together that Bradley has HAD to shown me something incredibly nerdy and awesome on the internet. I'm not sure where he finds the stuff and yes there has been many times where I have given the standard "thats nice dear" and rolled my eyes and walked off .  It is a perfect fit for him and the best part is it is with  2 of our really close friends as well as my best friend.  So Bradley will be searching out products, contacting the production company and selling them on the website.  The best part is we all have to go to ComiCon next July for the business.  I am already giddy with delight at the thought.

Now most of their stuff seems to me like it is more interesting to the male species but here are a few of my favorite things they are selling. 

Love love love Edward Scissorhands

Life Size Robby the Robot...Life Size!!!  That is just awesome. 

Metropolis Maria Robot... of course. 

Joker Statue. Mmm... Heath Ledger? Yes please!

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