Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hi Tuesday. You were kind of a frustrating day.

Oh Tuesday

I am glad the day part of Tuesday is over.  There is nothing nicer than coming home to sweetly smelling quiet house after a chaotic day.  The closer we get the Thanksgiving the harder it is to keep going at work.  Visions of sleeping in and mashed potatoes cloud my concentration.  When it gets like this I try to make plans to take care of myself so I don't turn into a crazy stressed out person.  Yesterday I went to the gym, came home a took a hot shower, got out to Bradley making dinner, and crawled into my bed with the heated mattress pad turned on full blast.  It was sooo nice.  And tonight I have plans to meet up with the husband and my good friends Rachel and Erwin for dinner and a movie.  Part of Bradley working for Secret Compass is reviewing movies so we are all going to go see Skyline.  I have no idea what it is about except for aliens and blue lights ( I am well informed huh?).  It is just going to be nice to meet up with some friends and enjoy the evening.  

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