Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eric Lafforgue

My new favorite Photographer:  Erik Lafforgue
It's funny because I don't really consider myself a photographer.  I am really more of a drawer and a painter but I do find myself drawn to photographers more than anything else.  I think it has to do with the idea of documentation.  I think photography is magical in the sense that you are capturing a moment in time that will never happen again.  I came across this photographer a few weeks ago and have been drawn into the beautiful images of people around the world.  He does an amazing job of breaking down the human condition.  Some of his subjects are so foreign and so different but feel so incredibly familiar at the same time.

Trobriand island beauty - Papua New guinea

Kikuyu woman tribe - Kenya

Tharaka tribe girl - Kenya

Omo valley Ethiopia

Pikinini - Papua New Guinea

Moghul woman - China Yunnan

Papua New Guinea Huli wigman

The secret of the Himba men hairstyle - Angola

Long Neck woman Kayan - Thailand

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