Thursday, October 28, 2010

Damn You, Ben

Awwww...  Isn't he cute? This would be Ben my favorite little guy and one of my best friend's son.   Last Saturday the ladies and I made pizza, drank wine, broke some glasses, and walked to the neighborhood bar.  This little pipsqueak was hanging out for the first hour of the night and I should have listened when Rachel walked in a said "His nose has been running all day" but I didn't.  When we were making pizza he was hungry and I had a fuzzy warm flashback of being little and my aunt putting olives on my fingers. Ahhh...Sweet memories.  So I put olives on his fingers and watched in delight as he ate them and then fed one or two to me.  Fast forward to Monday and my nose has been running all day.  I wake up Tuesday and I am wicked sick till today which has been my 3rd day off of work.  I still don't feel great but I managed to drag myself to Target to get some more dayquil and I might have bought a dress.  Everyone that was at dinner Saturday has the same cold.   
So Dear Ben,  You are cute.  You are super germy.  And you taught me never to eat olives off of little kids fingers.  Loooooove,  Sara 

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