Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hubby and Me

Bradley and I
The Hubby and Me

Yesterday Bradley and I both took the day off to do nothing together.  We slept in for a little bit, went to breakfast at my new favorite place, Snooze, went looking for Halloween costumes, roamed around the local flea markets and then eventually went grocery shopping.  We came home and messed around the house for a bit and eventually made a really light dinner together (breakfast was insanely filling).  I know it doesn't sounds like much but it was lovely just to spend a day together.  We both get caught up in our jobs (he is a graphic designer) and it is easy to just go through the motions but never really engage.

Today was nuts back at work.  When you are a teacher it is sometimes more work to day a day off than it is worth.  You have to make lesson plans, make sure the sub knows where everything is at, deal with any behavior issues when you get back.  It was nice having yesterday to regroup.  I found myself being able to take a moment, take a breath, and not spaz out over 5 kids all asking me different questions at once.

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