Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is so incredibly beautiful and uplifting. I have been reading Nie's blog for the past few months and she made a video for the Morman Church about her journey with her husband and 4 kids after her plane accident that resulted in a large part of her body burned.  YOu might have seen her on Oprah.
(I am extremely nonreligious so don't be scared off by the Mormon part)
"There are moments in my life where I feel like my spirit is tapping my heart"
This is so true for me yet so often forgotten.  I have been struggling this week with a lot of issues such as housing, money, change, the direction I am go so in all basically life. They are so many things that I get so wrapped up in.  Part of it is just my personality and my amazing ability of over plan everything.  I neglect my spirit.  What is crazy about Nie is her resilience.  The ability to keep going.  I wonder if I would have been able to make that choice if I was her.  For me it all comes down to her spirit and her complete adoration for her children.

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