Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Hello Mister Mouse

Bradley is at his acting class tonight so I am sitting at home snuggled up on the couch and watching TV. I thought I would introduce you to our recent visitor.  About a week ago I pulled out a bag of cat food out from under the kitchen sink and noticed there was a little nibbled hole in the back of the bag.  I couldn't remember it if had been there before.  Sometimes if I leave a bag of cat food out Rowan will gnaw through the bag.  I put it back and really didn't think much more about it.  On Sunday night right as I was about to fall asleep Bradley woke me up and asked if I could hear that squeaking sound.  The next think I knew the cats were frantically running around the room and Bradley informed me that the cutest mouse was hiding behind the bed.  I am a really heavy sleeper so I remembered rolling over and thinking "f*$k!"  And went back to sleep.  On Tuesday I reluctantly bought a trap and set it up under the sink.  I decided to check under the bookshelf that Olympia will strangely sit in front of and stare at it for long periods of time and ended up finding a bunch of cat toys.  I then went upstairs remember that the cats were messing with Bradley's closet door.  There was a shirt on the floor and when I lifted it up I saw our little visitor.  I scooped him up, feed him some peanut butter and then waited for Bradley to come home so we could walk over the field by our house and let him go.  He was soooo cute.  I thought about keeping him for about 5 minutes.

mister mouse

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